Ode To Massage

Swedish Massage in McAllen Texas Best Massage

Oh massage, how you soothe our soul, A touch that makes us feel whole. Your gentle strokes and healing hands, Relax our muscles and ease life’s demands.

From head to toe, you work your way, A symphony of touch and play. You knead and press, you twist and turn, Our aches and pains you swiftly burn.

With oils and lotions, you glide and flow, A calmness over us you slowly bestow. Your magic touch, it’s hard to ignore, A sense of peace, we simply adore.

You melt our stress, and calm our mind, A therapy that’s truly one of a kind. You heal our wounds, and ease our pain, We could never forget, your soothing gain.

Oh massage, we sing your praise, Our gratitude, we forever raise. For the love and care you bring, A therapy that’s fit for a king.

So here’s to you, oh massage divine, Our love for you, forever will shine. For the joy and peace, you bring our way, We thank you, every single day.