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Amazing Vitality Massage has the best massage therapy services.

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Massage in McAllen for your mind, body, & soul.

At Amazing Vitality Massage, we take the utmost care and attention to detail in your massage therapy session.

Designed to bring back balance to your life, improve your health and well being, whether that be physical, mental, or both. Massage therapy is also recommended for certain types of muscle injuries as well.

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Amazing Vitality Massage in McAllen provides a professional massage therapy with the end goal of natural healing. Whether you are stressed out from work, in pain, or getting ready for your next athletic event. The massage therapy services at Amazing Vitality Massage will heal and restore your mind, body, and soul.

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Best. Massage. Period.

Each and every massage session provided by Amazing Vitality Massage in McAllen deserves and receives 100% attention to detail, including yours.

“I aim to give you the best massage in McAllen. ”

– Leticia S. – Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard 1 hour massage usually starts at $75.00.

However, as we usually have seasonal offers, promotions, or discounts for massage in McAllen,  it is always best to ask what specials are being offered or available for the time being. Package deals are available as well.

Give us a call or send a text to 956.309.9725 to find out what our current deals are.

Typically we do not do house calls. We are conveniently located in McAllen on Dove ave and are flexible with our schedule. Give us a call at 956.309.9725 to make your appointment.

The best massage in McAllen awaits you today.

A couples massage in McAllen is available.

When you schedule your appointment please mention you are wanting to schedule a couple’s massage.

If scheduled ahead of time we can have a couple’s massage available. Our Massage Therapists all have different schedules so we sometimes do not have two slots at the same time.

For this reason it is best to schedule your appointment for a couple’s massage ahead of time.

Gift certificates are available for massage in McAllen and sold in our establishment. We also do promotions for seasons or special events. Give us a call today at 956.309.9725 to find out more about our gift certificate options, deals, and prices.

We will always strive to give you the best massage in McAllen!