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McAllen cellulite Massage

McAllen Cellulite Massage services are available at Amazing Vitality Massage.

Although there are many different types of devices and services for cellulite in massage therapy, not all of them are effective. Breaking up fat is best done manually by an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist that knows how to feel and work the areas needed.

Now is the best time to get a McAllen Cellulite Massage! Our Licensed Massage Therapists at Amazing Vitality Massage are skilled and experienced in this particular area. Having the proper training needed to give you desired results, our Licensed Massage Therapist will take extra care in answering any questions before, during or after your session.

According to previous research, A 2015 study found that dry cupping can encourage the drainage of fluid, toxins, and other chemical byproducts from the body, which may improve the way cellulite looks. In the study, cups were placed over areas with cellulite while a handheld pump created suction. After five weeks of treatment, the women in the study saw their cellulite grade decrease from a mean of 2.4 pre-cupping to 1.68 after cupping.

Another study from 2010 looked at what effects mechanical massage, a massage using a machine, such as endermologie; lymphatic drainage massage, a type of massage that uses light pressure to help the lymphatic system drain fluids, debris, and toxins; and connective tissue manipulation (CTM) had on cellulite. CTM is a type of massage to improve circulation that applies pressure to the ligaments, tendons, and tissues that connect muscle to skin. All three techniques were effective in decreasing fat and the circumference of the thigh where the massage was performed.

If you are unsure or have questions, please give us a call and speak to a Licensed Massage Therapist that will help you with the answers you need. We are usually available Monday thru Saturday and would love to hear from you.